Non-fried Sweet Potato Chips (Peri-Peri) || 35 g || Pack of 3

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  • Included Ingredients: Sweet Potato Edible Vegetable oil Natural & Nature identical flavors.
  • Add this delicious sweet snack to your daily diet; ideal for work gym travel or morning and evening snack
  • Maintain & improve overall health and provides essential nutrition with amazing flavor
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There's taste. There's health. And then there's FabBox that believes in nothing but the best of both the worlds. At FabBox, we only have 1 mantra - to be as delightfully healthy as possible!
Package Dimensions:
22.8 x 16.4 x 4.6 cm; 105 Grams
Item Weight:
105 g
Fab Box
divey jain
The price cannot be justified in any way. It tasted good but nobody would pay such high price for such low quantity
Too expensive
Prashant dubey
All the chips were broken. And quantity was also not good
I don't like the product quality and quantity
Anybody who is even slightly aware of what healthy food means would know that vegetable oils by no means is healthy. Oils in general aren't optional, and if you must have them, only use cold pressed oils of foods to actually consume like coconut, peanut, sesame. You don't eat pine, why would you have highly refined pine oil. All highly processed refined vegetable oils are highly toxic to the body.And then, all the"flavours" added to proceed food is garbage as well. The chemicals are extremely toxic to the body. And no, natural flavours are by no means any better than artificial flavours. Both are synthetic chemicals that your body doesn't recognise and triggers an immune response for.Please don't be fooled by the excellent marketing these companies do. They will call anything healthy.If you must eat chips, you can sun dry sweet potatoes after oiling them and adding some salt, lemon and spices to it in your own house. I've tried it, they turn out delicious and I know what's going inside my body. Real food.
Not "Healthy" as it claims.
Loved the taste. The cost is more for such less quantity
Good one