Organic 250gms (Rose Petal Jam) Natural Organic

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  • We use autumn bloomed rose petwhich bloom twice a year. Made from fresh rose petand mishri (unrefined form of sugar) which has its own values.
  • All the ingredients are combined and cooked in the sun taking 50-60 days to make this Artisanal with maximum nutritional benefits. is a natural summer coolant and helps body cool inside out
  • Regular intake of honey rose supports reducing stomach ulcers too.
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Made from the finest quality Chaitri Roses this is probably the most delicious you'll ever have! has cooling properties thus it is beneficial in alleviating all heat related problems like tiredness lethargy itching aches and s. It o helps in reducing burning sensations in the soles and palms. is a powerful antioxidant and a very good rejuvenator. Consuming 1 - 2 teaspoons of helps to acidity and stomach heat. It o helps in treating ulcers and prevents swelling in the intestine. helps to treat mouth ulcers strengthens teeth and gums. It can be used to treat dysmenorrhoea and is effective in relieving menstrual . It is o helpful in treating excessive white discharge problem. A very good tonic - helps to improve appetite improves and corrects problems. helps to remove toxins from the body and purifies . Thus it helps in giving a clear complexion and prevents the occurrence of various skin problems like acne boils whiteheads etc. Helps to excessive perspiration and foul body odour. Having two teaspoons of before venturing outdoors can help to prevent sunand controls nostril-bleeding. It is good for all those individuwho have water retention problem as it helps in increasing your urine output. It has a calming effect on the nervous system thus helps in reducing . Note: Since it contains sugar those with should consult their doctor before consuming it. In ition obese people may consume this in d quantity. Finest quality made from Chaitri Roses (Spring Roses). Comes in a premium quality food-grade air-tight container for long shelf life. is a powerful antioxidant and a very good rejuvenator. It's of a great help to people suffering from Acidity Stomach Disorders Body Odour or Fatigue. Can be used to make Organic 250gms
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4 x 13 x 20 cm; 250 Grams
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250 g
enhance_digestion organic
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It's the best tasting gulkand that I had so far. Seems natural without preservatives. The texture is gritty due to dried rose petals and sugar. It smells amazing. And it helped me in alleviating my acidity. I take 1 tsp after lunch. The quantity is way too little for the price but is worth it if you want to have a gulkand that actually tastes good and heals at the same time. The packaging was good and the gulkand comes in a ziplock pouch. I recommend transferring it to a glass container to preserve it's properties and shelf life. Overall I'm happy with my purchase.
Best Gulkand
Too much added sugar and presvatives.
Don't buy
As always the products are fabulous.Taste is good.
Good products
I feel cost is little bit high...other than that good product
Good product